Initially, due to resource constraints, Gateshead, Newcastle, and Northumberland timetables are listed. County Durham, North Tyneside, South Tynesdie, Sunderland, and Teesside timetables will be added at a later date.

Gateshead Timetables
Newcastle Timetables
Northumberland Timetables
Cross Border Services

How to Use The Timetables

Each county or council area has its own page, which contains a table of all services known to operate within, into, or through that area.

The table summarises the route, and provides a link to the timetable. Most timetables are made available in a PDF format for easy printing or downloading, and may be directly hosted on this website, or on the website of the operator.

The table is searchable, so you can find services by places served (town/villages only), route number, or operator. Try entering where you wish to travel to, or where you are travelling from, to find suitable services.